Glia Keyboard Shortcuts for Power Users

Glia Keyboard Shortcuts for Power Users

It usually takes just a few engagements for Glia users to become accustomed to using the platform. Then it's a matter of maximizing efficiency and speed, which is where keyboard shortcuts come in.

Glia's keyboard shortcuts enable users to become power users by minimizing the number of clicks they make in each engagement.

We recommend starting with 1 or 2 at a time until you get the hang of it. Check out the available shortcuts below, and send us feedback in the app if there are other shortcuts that you think would be helpful.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

cmnd/ctrl + Shift + A   =  Accept Engagement 

cmnd/ctrl + Shift + X   =  Decline Engagement 

cmnd/ctrl + Shift + L   =  Expand / Collapse the "Visitor info" panel

cmnd/ctrl + Shift + E   =  End Engagement 

cmnd/ctrl + Shift + >   =  Multi-engage: open engagement 1 tab to the right

cmnd/ctrl + Shift + <   =  Multi-engage: open engagement 1 tab to the left

   *Note: Mac users will use Command+Shift, PC users will use Control+Shift



  • "Enter" will close dialog boxes with only one option. For example, the button on a dialog box reads "Ok", hitting "Enter" will close the pop-up. If there are two options, i.e. "Yes" and "No", "Enter" will not make a selection.
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