5/15/2017 Release Notes

Keyboard Shortcuts (Beta)


  • Optimize how fast operators can navigate the platform and interact with visitors
  • Enable operators to use their mouse less for maximum efficiency


cmnd/ctrl + Shift + A   =  Accept Engagement 

cmnd/ctrl + Shift + X   =  Decline Engagement 

cmnd/ctrl + Shift + L   =  Expand / Collapse the "visitor info" panel

cmnd/ctrl + Shift + E   =  End Engagement 

cmnd/ctrl + Shift + >   =  Multi-engage: open engagement 1 tab to the right

cmnd/ctrl + Shift + <   =  Multi-engage: open engagement 1 tab to the left

   *Note: Mac users will use Command+Shift, PC users will use Control+Shift


Technical Notes: 

  • If a shortcut is not working please check your browser extensions and/or other programs that may be running
  • "Enter" will close dialog boxes with only one option. For example, the button on a dialog box reads "ok", hitting "Enter" will close the pop-up. If there are two options, i.e. "yes" and "no", "Enter" will not make a selection.

Schedule: Currently in production, but labeled Beta for operator feedback



  • Additional scalability, redundancy, and monitoring enhancements added to production
  • General bug fixes 
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