5/11/2017 Release Notes

Visitor Chat Timer (Beta)


  • Show operators in understanding how long it has been since the last visitor's message
  • Increase operator efficiency, allowing them to end the engagement if visitors have not responded


Once enabled for a site all active engagements will include a timer indicating the time elapsed since the visitor's last message was sent. The timer will begin counting up after 1 minute has passed, to maintain a clean interface and provide helpful functionality for the operator.

As a note, the visitor chat timer is preferable to time stamps as it is much cleaner visually, and does not require the operator to calculate the elapsed time between the timestamp on the message and the current time.


Technical Notes: 

  • Once the visitor chat timer is enabled for one site that an operator has, it is enabled for the entire account
  • Visitor chat timer will only appear after the visitor does not send a message for one minute

Schedule: Ask your Success Manager to activate during beta release. This feature will be eligible for default release after 6/15/2017.



Custom Attribute Links


  • Assist operators in locating customer records in external systems by allowing deep links to be included in custom attributes
  • Increase operator efficiency by decreasing search time in other systems


Once a business passes a URL as a custom attribute, clicking on that URL will open in a new tab. This is helpful for deep linking customer records. 


Technical Notes: 

  • To enable, pass a URL with it's HTTPS:// header
  • URLs will open in a new tab

Schedule: Full production release 5/11/2017.




  • CSV downloads now come as plain text with a hyperlink for the download (expiring after 15 minutes) to avoid delivery delays due to customer email settings
  • Additional scalability, redundancy, and monitoring enhancements added to production
  • General bug fixes 
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