Troubleshooting Your Google Analytics Integration

Perhaps you’ve worked with the Glia team to include our events into your Google Analytics data, but you’re still not seeing Glia show up in your GA Dashboard.

If that’s the case, here are a few things you may want to check:

Using Omnibug

From Omnibug’s landing page:

Omnibug is a plugin for the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers to ease developing and debugging web metrics implementations. Each outgoing request (sent by the browser) is checked for a pattern; if a match occurs, the URL is displayed and decoded to show the details of the request. In addition, requests can be logged to the filesystem.”

Glia recommends starting your investigation with Omnibug in order to confirm that events configured with your success manager are being fired as expected.  If you are unable to see these events in your dashboard but Omnibug is showing that they have been sent, then you can confidently shift your focus on how they’re being caught.


Are you using multiple GA Instances on a single Property?

Google Analytics does allow you to install several instances on a single web page if you are using the Universal Analytics tracking code (rather than the Classic Analytics code).

If you are using multiple tracking codes and have properly implemented them according to Google’s documentation, please confirm that you have provided Glia with the tracking code that corresponds with the instance where you would like to collect data from our platform.


Was your GA Instance implemented with Custom Trackers?

If you are not seeing Glia events in your GA dashboard, another possibility is that your GA instance was implemented using custom trackers.

Glia does not support custom trackers out of the box.  If your analytics team has implemented GA using custom trackers, please contact your Success Manager for the next steps.

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