Reporting: Historical Operator Stats

The historical reporting view offers detailed statistics about operator staffing metrics. 


To view these metrics, click on Reporting from the Control Panel, then choose Historical in the top left. Finally, select Operators.

Each operator attached to the site(s)/team(s) chosen in the upper right-hand dropdowns will be displayed, along with:

  • a list of their team(s)
  • engagement history broken down by chat and audio/video
  • operator staffing metrics (in minutes)
    • Engaged: Time Engaged
    • Post-Eng: Time in Post-Engagement status
    • Avail. A/V: Time Available for Audio or Video
    • Avail. Chat: Time Available for Chat
    • U/A: Time in Unavailable status
    • Note: additional operator staffing metrics are available in the CSV download including time spent in individual unavailable statuses, and "Avail. While Eng", which is useful for measuring multi-engage efficiencies. It calculates the time spent in at least 1 engagement where the operator is available to receive another engagement. The "Avail. While Eng" time is also included in the "Avail. Chat" and "Avail. A/V", it depends on which status is used by the operator.
      • Example: If an operator who is already in at least 1 engagement is 4 minutes available for chat, then this 4 minutes are also added to "Avail. Chat" time.

Click any of the column headers to sort the data, or use the search field to find a particular operator.


Download Operator Metrics

Additionally, the download button allows you to download a CSV file for additional analysis. The CSV file contains additional information beyond what is visible in the Historical Display in the platform.

The CSV download is especially helpful for tracking operator-specific metrics to measure productivity:

  • Missed Calls per Operator
  • Declined Calls per Operator
  • Proactive Calls per Operator

The CSV download also breaks down the total U/A minutes between different unavailability status options like Advanced Admin, Reporting, Lunch, Idle.

Total U/A = Unavailability status (Lunch, Training etc) + System status (Engaged, Post-Eng, Reporting, Advanced Admin, Idle)

Please note that the unavailability status options may vary due to the site customisation:

  • Advanced Admin - Time spent in Advanced Admin section
  • Reporting - Time spent in Reporting section
  • Lunch - Time spent during a break
  • Idle - Time operator was unavailable after missing an incoming engagement request.

The "Automatic Missed Call Unavailability" functionality is configured in Advanced Admin, under General tab. This functionality automatically puts the operator into a system unavailable status "Idle" if they miss a call.

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