Getting Started with Multi-Engage

How to Accept a Multi-Engagement

When you are in an engagement the Visitor List is not visible. Therefore, when you receive an incoming call with Multi-Engage, the incoming call alerts differ slightly from a standard call.

With Multi-Engage, a new tab will appear next to your existing engagement(s) and begin flashing.



The tab will include:

  • Accept and decline buttons
  • Call timer--how many seconds left to answer the call
  • Visitor number or ID

You'll also see an incoming call notification via Chrome.


Managing Your Time

There is often a bit of a learning curve as operators become accustomed working with multiple customers at a time. There are a few features built in to help you manage your time and ensure customers are attended to in a reasonable amount of time.

  • First is the “time on hold alert”. When a visitor has been on hold (meaning you have not clicked on that engagement tab) for a certain period of time the tab will flash yellow to remind you to re-engage them.
  • Message previews will appear as badge icons when a visitor from your inactive engagement sends a message. The number in the circle indicates how many messages you've received. Hover over the message for a preview.
    • Best Practice: if the customer simply says "ok" you don't need to rush back to that engagement. If they pose another question you should get back to that engagement as quickly as possible to maintain momentum and a high level of responsiveness.
  • Keyboard shortcuts enable you to quickly accept an engagement and tab across engagements without ever clicking your mouse!




What to do When an Engagement Ends

If the visitor ends the engagement the tab will turn red and indicate that it has “Ended”, with a timer counting the time elapsed since the visitor ended the engagement.

Return to the red tab to fill out the post-engagement survey and become available for another engagement.



How to Go Unavailable for Additional Engagements

If at any point a particular engagement requires your undivided attention you can set yourself unavailable using the availability icons in the top right. 

Once an engagement ends you'll return to your available status. If you need to go on a break, or it's the end of your shift and you don't want to receive any more engagements, use the "go unavailable" checkbox to prevent future engagements from being routed to you.




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