Modifying the Reporting Dashboard

The Reporting dashboard gives you access to live and historical statistics for all of your sites. The dashboard is modularized so all users with Manager or Super Manager access can customize the display to their liking.


Adding Stats

Click the "Add" button in the top right to view additional tiles to add to your dashboard.

Click the tile you'd like to add. Once you've completed your selection, click "Done"


You can then reorganize your dashboard by dragging and dropping the tiles.


Removing Stats

To remove a stat from your dashboard, hover over the tile and click the trash can icon in the top right corner.



Once you've customized the reporting dashboard to your liking, you're ready to review your stats. 

First, choose between the Live or History view. Live stats are displayed based on the queue metric window. Historical stats can be filtered for particular date ranges.

For both views you can apply filters to narrow in on a particular site or team. Open the dropdowns to select or deselect sites and teams, or use the search field.

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