Administering OmniQ: General Settings & Adding a Queue

OmniQ is responsible for routing visitor engagement requests to site operators. Routing for a site is specified in terms of queues. A site may have zero or more queues.

If you would like to enable OmniQ, or have any questions about the optimal settings for your site please contact your Success Manager.

General Configuration

General configuration applies site-wide to OmniQ monitoring.

Adjust the configuration in the "Settings" section of OmniQ.


Queue Configuration

As a site manager, you may create queues and configure the following queue-specific properties. The queue properties help define how visitor engagement requests are routed by OmniQ.

Queue Properties

Name the display name of the queue used in other parts of the site administration.

Description optional comments describing the queue for information purposes only.

The Queue ID will be automatically generated and can be used for routing engagements from custom buttons to specific queues.

Media a list of one or more media types defining which engagement requests may be serviced by the queue.

Capacity the maximum number of visitors allowed in the queue at any given time. Capacity can be fixed or variable:

- If the capacity is fixed, then the defined amount of visitors can be queued at all times only.

- If the capacity is variable, then the number of visitors that can be enqueued depends on the number of operators staffing the queue and the set multiplayer. 

The multiplier is a number bigger than 0, i.e.: 0,75 or 1,25 - please use the format as in the examples provided. Multiplayer below 1 allows fewer visitors than available operators to be queued, while greater than 1 allows more accordingly. Please note, that the final count of visitors is rounded down if necessary: in the case of 5 operators and multiplayer equal to 0,75 only 3 visitors will be queued.

Accept new visitors when queue is unstaffed yes/no defining whether visitors may enter the queue if staffing operators are online. This will generally be false unless this is a designated queue for SMS.

Prioritize Operators when enabled, a site manager may assign operators servicing the queue numeric rankings which define the order in which engagement requests are routed to operators. See routing logic and priority operators for more details. When disabled, queue routing is based on default settings which consider first engagement count, then operator media level and finally the operator time availability.

Teams a list of teams specifying which operators staff the queue. If the setting is left empty, any site operator will staff the queue.

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