How does routing work with OmniQ?

OmniQ is responsible for routing visitor engagement requests to site operators. Routing for a site is specified in terms of queues. A site may have zero or more queues. For configuration options, see OmniQ Administration.


OmniQ takes into account many factors when routing incoming visitor engagement requests to online operators.

A visitor engagement request may specify the following

Media the desired media the visitor wishes to use during the engagement

Team the desired operator team(s) with which the visitor wished to engage

Queue a specific queue ID the visitor wishes to enter

Together, the visitor's requested media, team, and queue define which queue is entered. If multiple queues satisfy the request, the visitor may enter multiple queues (but will only be serviced by at most one operator).

Once a visitor has entered a queue, OmniQ routes the request to an operator based on factors including:

  • The visitor's position in the queue. Requests are generally serviced on a first-in, first-out basis.
  • The number of concurrent engagements an operator is managing.
  • The history of an operator's engagements. Operators who have been unengaged for longer periods are generally favored.
  • The rank of an operator within a queue (when Prioritize Operators is enabled). 


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