Interpreting Historical Views

Historical views allow you to review metrics over a given time period. You can manipulate the charts within Glia, or choose to export the data to Excel.

Similar to the live view, you can filter for specific sites and teams using the dropdown menus at the top.

From there, choose a particular stat that you'd like to drill into.

Within each stat, you can alter the display of the chart for viewing and exporting purposes.




Stat Drilldown: By default, you'll see the aggregate view for any stat. You can also click on the Chat or A/V tile above the chart for a segmented view.



Date Picker: select a date range for your report using the dropdown menu. Select a preset range, such as today, yesterday, or this month, or choose a custom range by first clicking the start date and then the end date for your desired range. Click “Apply” to save your date range.



Period Selector: select a period beneath the chart to change the granularity of the data displayed. Choose a monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly view of the data for the time range selected.



Downloading Reports: click the blue download arrow in the bottom right corner to download a CSV report. The report will reflect the display on the screen, including sites, teams, dates, stats, and period (monthly, weekly, daily, hourly).

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